MicrobMonitor®2 is an industry-renowned fuel test kit, and is one of the most reliable methods available for detecting microbial contamination in fuels, oils and associated waters. The test kit utilises trusted CFU technology to provide results comparable to a laboratory

SigTests®: Sig Sulphide®

Sig Sulphide® is an SRB test kit that detects the presence of bacteria that generate corrosive sulphide, such as Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB), which can cause pitting corrosion, for example in pipelines, tanks and closed water systems.

SigTests®: Sig Nitrite®

Sig Nitrite® is a nitrite reduction test kit that detects the presence of Nitrite Reducing Bacteria (NRB) which are capable of reducing nitrite and nitrate, , and cause corrosion inhibitor depletion in cooling and other water systems.

MicrobMonitor® AQUA™

MicrobMonitor® AQUA™ is a field test kit which utilises the same technology as standard laboratory methods to provide a reliable, on-site indication of microbial contamination in potable, hot and recreational waters.

Karmark Group is an authorized distributor of ECHA MICROBIOLOGY LTD for North America and the Caribbean. With every ECHA Microbiology product purchased, customers can rest assured they will get the personalized support when required.   Karmark's strategic locations throughout North America provide customers the access to ECHA products when you need them and backed by our proven customer service team.

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