Biobor JF has been the worldwide standard for the treatment of microbial growth in aviation jet fuel since 1965. Originally developed for use in the commercial and military aviation industries, Biobor JF has continued to provide a tract record of proven reliability and effectiveness in numerous industries for over 50 years. To add to this impressive pedigree, Biobor JF is the only aviation fuel biocide that is recommended by name by numerous major turbine engine and airframe manufacturers across the globe.

Microbial Growth
When discussing issues in aviation fuel, microbial growth is widely known as the most common reason for fuel related engine failure. Inherently, aviation fuel and fuel tanks have the tendency to accumulate water whether by tank condensation, entrained water from fuel delivery or just receiving a bad batch of fuel. Microorganisms live in the water phase of a fuel tank and feed off of the fuel developing dark, slimy gel-like mats. As these colonies of bacteria and fungi grow (potentially at a rate of doubling every 20 minutes), they can quickly clog fuel filters and lead to excessive growth accumulations. Additionally, their waste products are one of the leading causes of corrosion in fuel tanks and metal components. With the continued use of Biobor JF, microbial growth will be eliminated from the fuel system leading to a sterile fuel system, extending the life of fuel filters and preventing corrosion issues.

Biobor JF

  • Kills and prevents microbial growth (bacteria and fungi)
  • Prevents clogged filters that can shut down engines
  • Dual Phase - soluble in both water and fuel phases for a more effective kill
  • Prevents corrosion of fuel tanks and metal components
  • Eliminates excessive tank contamination and down time
  • Recommended in turbine engine operations manuals worldwide!
  • FAA and IATA accepted
  • 1oz treats 80 gallons - extremely cost efficient
  • Recommended for use in "All the Fuel, All the Time"

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