Microbiological contamination (MBC) within an aircraft fuel tank is one of the frequently known issues that cause significant concern in the aviation industry. Growth of microbial organisms can cause damage to the fuel tank coating and sealant, as well as corrosive damage to the metallic equipment. Gauging systems can be affected by biofilm growth on the fuel probes, which results in malfunctioning and failure. Microbes require water to live and grow, as well as a source of carbon which is provided by the fuel. Biocide treatment and manual cleaning of the fuel tanks require labor and maintenance activities to decontaminate require several days and are often very disruptive for the aircraft operations.

Karmark Group, LLC – Provides proven, accurate, quantitative on-site microbiological fuel test kits that deliver insight into the viable microbial activity, helping operators mitigate the risk of costly maintenance and operational disruption.




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