Karmark Group is an authorized distributor of SkyKleen™ aviation solvents from Eastman. Searching for an environmentally safe, smarter solution to clean your aircraft? This new-generation aviation solvent offers excellent cleaning performance and is environmentally friendly. From parts cleaning to surface prep, SkyKleen is effective and economical. Cleaning uses include engine, prepainting and prebonding, general surface, carbon epoxy, and degreasing. SkyKleen can aid in removing Skydrol, carbon from brake and piston housings, fiberglass resin, and adhesive or epoxy.

Eastman is proud to offer industry-leading aviation cleaning solvents and services that meet the demands of the aviation industry. To help you select the right products for your fleet, view industry approvals here.

SkyKleen 1000
Product type: liquid
Application: It is best for general cleaning, including engine cleaning, surface cleaning, and degreasing.

Skydrol 5
Product type: paste
Application: Because the paste doesn’t run, it is best when additional solvent soak times are needed, such as for removal of room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone, polysulfide sealants, carbon from brake and piston housings, and adhesive or epoxy.

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