MicrobMonitor2 enables on-site or laboratory testing in accordance with ASTM and IP Standard Methods (ASTM D7978 and IP613).

MicrobMonitor®2 enables testing in accordance with standards, ASTM D7978 and IP613, and is recommended by industry bodies (including IATA and the aviation fuel Joint Inspection Group), aircraft OEMs (e.g. Boeing and Airbus).  It is used by many of the world’s commercial airlines and fuel handling operators.

Anyone can easily use the MicrobMonitor®2 kit, by adding a small amount of fuel or water directly to the glass bottle of specially formulated testing gel. The test kit can also be used at varying levels of sensitivity, allowing users to quantitatively test and operate to the detection limits relevant to their application or industry guidance standards.

MicrobMonitor®2 has been validated by independent Energy Institute studies and brings the accuracy of tried and trusted laboratory test technology into an easy-to-use field test kit.  Results obtained using this microbial test kit have been shown to correlate with standard laboratory method IP385.

The test detects very low levels of contamination by all three types of microbes (yeast, bacteria and mould) which cause microbial contamination of fuel and oil. This enables early detection, before the contamination becomes a problem. The test will also detect dormant spores of microbes, which are often the only indication of contamination in a system.


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